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The House of Miracles is up and running in its new location in a large 1860s stone carriage house in Cambridge, Ontario. It took a year and a half to wrest this beautiful building from the claws of the Girl Guides, and three months of renovations and repairs, but holy gawd it's good to be back in action.

The main hall is over 1000 square feet - as big as the entire former House Of Miracles in London.

The 500 sq.ft mastering room was designed from scratch with critical listening as its primary purpose - there are no obstructions between the speakers and the ears, and extensive acoustic tweakery has made the room as neutral and revealing as possible. I use mastering tools made by Studer, Manley, Crane Song, Lavry, RME, Von Schweikert, Universal Audio, Sonnox, Massey, and others.

The hall has many other useful and interesting features, including:

  • a Hammond organ with Leslie speaker
  • an enormous gas stove
  • many guitars in odd shapes and sizes
  • some excellent tube amplifiers
  • a very handsome drumset
  • Studer, Ampex, and Tascam multitrack formats
  • various microphones and mic amps
  • ProTools and a Mac Pro
  • assorted brass and woodwind instruments
  • some outboard processors and effects
  • stark and blessed silence at all times of the day and night

There is now a glass-walled "isolation booth", but the couch is still not leather.

Laundry, club sandwiches, and a parking lot to smoke in are all less than a block away.

Within a somewhat larger circumference (but easy to reach by foot) can be found:

  • a Scottish bakery
  • a park
  • hospital
  • pizza
  • the Beer Store
  • very good coffee
  • The Central Hotel
  • delicious subs
  • a big liquor store
  • snacks
  • the Grand and Speed rivers
  • a good breakfast special

My day rate for tracking, editing, and mixing remains $425. Mastering is $70 per hour. Please call or email for more information, or just stop in to take a look.

Andy Magoffin


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